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The last Feline Friday of 2012

Mr. Silverman welcomes you to this last Feline Friday of 2012 in this photo taken as the sun made its appearance earlier this morning.

We’re starting a new chapter of Silverman’s saga. He and Duke, our two diabetic cats, stayed at VCA in Kaneohe while we were in New Zealand last month. Our regular vet, Ann Sakamoto, thought he seemed a little dehydrated and administered subcutaneous fluids, which perked him up. She suggested we consider continuing this at home.

So this week we picked up what we need to give him a periodic dose of fluids at home. We’ll have to see how it goes. We’ve had to do this in the past with a couple of our previous cats, with mixed success. But I think Silverman will cooperate. He’s that kind of cat.

Goodbye 2012

In any case, today’s gallery of Kaaawa cats features some mealtime marauding, between meal begging, and more.

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