School violence met by “helmets on, heads down” policy

Did you happen to catch the report on KHON last night regarding injuries sustained in a rock throwing incdent as school buses were leaving a JV football game at Campbell High School (“Rock thrown at school bus after championship football game“).

It wasn’t the incident itself that caught my attention. It was the visiting coach’s description of their standard procedure.

[Waianae head coach Fai] Lave believes it was teenagers who threw the rock, but unsure if they attend Campbell High School.

He says, it’s normal procedure for teams to have a safety plan when leaving away games.

“We prepare for that kind stuff situations like this where we board the bus and we always put our helmets on before we leave the schools and you know put your heads down until we get on the freeway,” said Lave.

The athletic director at Campbell High School issued a statement saying:

“It’s very unfortunate that this incident occurred. Every school has a safety plan in place which includes all athletic activities on our campus. The safety plan includes police escorting the visiting football team off campus.

Should we really be accepting this level of violence as “normal” in interscholastic athletics? What programs has the DOE put in place to deal with this beyond the “helmets on and heads down” approach? Is this really being taken seriously or just left up to the coaches to deal with? What’s going on?! Perhaps the legislature needs to drill down into the problem and the responses?

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  1. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown of the Labor Party in the UK has been blind in one eye since high school from getting kicked in the head during a rugby game. As prime minister, he began to go blind in the other eye from the same injury, and required brain surgery. This is someone who went to elite schools and is an extremely civilized man. Moreover, there’s a saying in Britain, that “Rugby is a thugs game played by gentlemen; soccer is a gentleman’s game played by thugs.” So there is this mix of barbarism and civility spread throughout every level of every society. (Ever deal with a group of professors?….)

    In a way, this post reminds me of Ian’s tribute to the passing of a friend of his, a professor of women’s studies at UHM. Reading about her dedication to animal rescue and so forth, I thought, “Here’s a rare civilized and humane being….”

    But I wonder if Ian realizes just how rare that kind of civility and humanity is. For example, Ian seems enthusiastic about forcing everyone to vote, since if more people vote we will supposedly have more democracy. I fear that if more people vote, we would have Mufi Hannemann as Governor For Life.

    Ian Lind and his family and friends are civilized, but they are among the very few, and they might not know that….

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